Our Wedding Planner

  • Keep your guest list in check
  • Get help managing your budget
  • Have a handle on all your wedding details
  • Sync across your devices*
  • Share with family and friends*
  • Home Screen
  • Budget Screen
  • Task Screen


Manage Guests

Keep track of who you've invited, and who will be in attendance

Task management

Get a list of things you need to get done and when you need to get it done by

Budget allocation

Automatically have portions of your budget allocated to different categories

Contact Import

Add guests to your guest list right from your contacts

Sync between devices

Plan your wedding from your phone or your tablet seamlessly with data synchronization


No need to plan alone, invite family or friends to help you get every detail right

Data Export

Export all your wedding information to other applications

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I share my plans with my significant other?

Yes you can. With a premium account you can send an invite to anyone and plan your wedding together in real time. You can also export your data and send it to anyone for free.

Why is synchronization part of a subscription fee?

To facilitate data synchronization we've had to setup infrastructure that runs at a monthly cost. Because the time spent planning a wedding varies it's a bit trickier to come up with a one time cost (a one time cost would be prohibitively more expensive). We plan to add more features that utilize premium accounts

Can I create my own categories?

You can add or delete as many categories as you need to. We understand that not all categories may be relevant to you.

Do I need a premium account to use the app?

Absolutely not. Our Wedding started out as a free app and will continue to be a free app. All the basic functionality like task management, budget management, guest management and vendor management are all free to use. You dont even need an account (other planners you are required to create an account in their system just to get started)

I got a new phone how do I transfer the data?

Your data is automatically backed up and synchronized when you have a premium account. When you get a new device all you need to do is login with the same google account you set things up with on your other devices and the information is immediately imported. No more starting over!

I don't see any wedding look books or the like!

Right now the focus of the app is to help you plan a marvelous day and we think there are so many other avenues for wedding inspiration that we didn't need to clutter the app with too many things.

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Story Behind Our Wedding Planner

In 2011 my then girlfriend and I got engaged to be married the same year on the very popular 11/11/11 date. When we announced our engagement the flood of questions came pouring in and we were quickly overwhelmed with what it takes to plan a wedding.

The average person doesn't really know what it takes to plan a wedding (unless you're a wedding planner or you've been involved in the process before), so I set out to create an app that really guides couples through the wedding planning process and make it easy to plan the perfect day

Our Wedding Founder

Akeem Philbert

Lead Developer

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